The Museum of Lake Minnetonka is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and graciously accepts donations.

Sponsorships and donations supplement passenger fares and membership dues in keeping the historic Steamboat Minnehaha maintained and operating in pristine condition, covering our insurance costs, and funding our organizational programs.

Sponsorship may be made ONLINE or by sending in a SPONSORSHIP FORM via standard mail.

Sponsorship Levels

Lieutenant $100
Commander $250
Captain $500
Admiral's Club $1,000
Corporate Sponser $1,000
President's Club $2,500
Sponsor Charter Cruise for Children $750


A Donation may be made ONLINE or by mailing it via standard mail. The online option is set up in increments of $25. I you are sending a Memorial Donation, please note on your order the name of the parties' and an address so we can send a letter of recognition.

Thank you for your support!